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November 2019

— Oh, I hoped that assembly is discussed here


Hey guys. how to handle threads which do same action but with different time(or name of such method)? For example: threads geting file names and then writing file's(very thread have different file to read but same database) data into database. How to effectivly manage work of threads??

— In case of database check ACID. And implement your task manager

— I like garbled English in the morning

— What did you mean. . May I know??

— Purge complete.

— Same here

— .

— Is there any database books out there where treatment is given in c programming.
Actually I am designing a student database program of a school, with 12 different classes and i want to use tree data structure there.

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— Googleit lmao

— I have Google it a lot.
There is no book which exclusively deals c programming on database design.
Most book talks about SQL language.
And at maximum how to connect SQL and c language.
But I want to do it exclusively in c language.
I do not want to take help of SQL or Oracle or any other database languages.

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— Hi