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October 2018

— Do you know the story about cybernetics?


There was a conference in the early 20th century. each speaker said a great speach about the future of cybernetics and how it will influence the social things..

— Then, the turn came to the old man who was not really related to the topic. he was physiologist..

— This shows it can be impossible

— Too many implementation details to overcome

— And mechanisms relating to data sharing, callback invocation etc... there are even many ways to invoke JS from C++

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— If i put properties on prototype but not in constructor, will it be cached later when i set those props?

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— Way I see it is... a C++ module can be like a system call viferga

— And interruptions stop while those run

— And well, why would you use a C++ module except to interact with hardware somehow

— That is not something HzScript even is supposed to interact with or be concerned with

— I think it would be faster lookup time