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October 2018

— That is a failure state in most cases, because it is a point at which you are not able to utilize any sort of interruption, as the dispatcher is unreachable at that point, and there is no clear path to return control to anything upon an interruption

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So I am wondering, how many of those will bump into that issue, and how much of a problem Proxy will be

— In general, it may just break the whole damn thing

— Use a small c++ loader to inject the built-ins from node

— And that's it

— It does not make sense to reimplement all

— It's better to maintain a small .node file with crossplstform c++ code and integration with v8

— The problem is reachability of a callback

— Most C++ code invokes JS directly

— That code cannot be reached by interruption mechanisms

— You need a clear path back up to the component which you are interrupting from

— So..