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October 2018

— Basically, what I have done, is make JavaScript as low level as possible, removing all high level abstractions that generated that overhead, all while making the existing mechanisms obsolete

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And, of course, you won’t even know the difference at the end of it, and can write your programs just like you always did

— Maybe it's possible, in theory, you can check what variables are accessed and align/order execution, but it will cost billions and billions of lifetimes🤤

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— LOL, yeah, even though I know it is all 100% possible to achieve, it is still a massive amount of work and research that no one has really done yet, it is new territory for the language, and me as a developer personally

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— 😄👍

— In 20th century, people evolved to washing their hands.. i mean, dont overproject

— Https://

— Nooo

— Not that hard I think

— Requires an engine that knows the standard library though

— And possibly types

— I am recompiling it