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October 2018

— Because JavaScript can then run as a stream of instructions, you can order them anyway you want, analyze their operands, analyze the results, you can even implement your own version of speculative execution

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The core technology is literally so ubiquitous that you can literally create any system you want, no matter how complex, all while remaining 100% within the bounds of language

— I will be okay with two dimensional array)

— I am really excited to use this super computer concept in a hosting company, to run functions as a service

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— It will save everyone massive amounts of money, we are talking billions and billions of dollars a year

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— 😅wat

— Electricity costs will decrease, because the overall overhead will be so drastically reduced that each server will have a significantly reduced carbon footprint

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— Crazy girl

— Go sleep

— I cant belive

— Consider what we do now to address the issues of running multiple different JavaScript modules, we start up a new Node process, we start up a thread pool, we have a massive amount of auxiliary systems to run and maintain those, and eventually overhead generated by them is so massive that most of your electricity bill simply has to do with a Node process starting or exiting, not even the execution of the code within it

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— Basically, what I have done, is make JavaScript as low level as possible, removing all high level abstractions that generated that overhead, all while making the existing mechanisms obsolete

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