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October 2018

— Super easey


Then you can split each unit of work, package it into an individual instruction token and data token, and transmit them through the instructions stream, with each one making it to its very own CPU core in the cluster

— Do you have such "detector" already or it's in plans?

— HertzScript turns JS into this instruction stream

— That is all it does

— It does not do anything else

— Only planning stages at this point however we can definitely predict that all of this is possible, any amount of fine-grained concurrency control automatically makes multitasking, multithreading, and multiprogramming, and even massively parallel supercomputers possible

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— It is really hard for me to express to you guys how crazy all this is, how little effort was really needed to even open up all these possibilities

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— All you need is that single, tiny, fundamental system, at the very lowest level possible, and then you can do whatever you want

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— Because JavaScript can then run as a stream of instructions, you can order them anyway you want, analyze their operands, analyze the results, you can even implement your own version of speculative execution

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— The core technology is literally so ubiquitous that you can literally create any system you want, no matter how complex, all while remaining 100% within the bounds of language

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— I will be okay with two dimensional array)