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October 2018

— Usually it is caused by a lack of understanding of the underlying systems, and of course most people regard it as magic

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It is obvious why of course, most JavaScript developers never bothered to learn anything below their high-level environment in which they develop their programs

— Im not saying it's magic, im saying it's not usable

— Start from user feedback, what user needs

— Highly recommend that you study data flow architecture before you make any judgments as to how usable the system is

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— It will run identically to regular JavaScript to the end-user

— Automaticly?

— Imagine this, if you will, that every single instruction, or rather nearly every single instruction in your entire JavaScript program, is executed simultaneously without delay, and then recombined so that the results appear in their original programmed order

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— That is what the system does

— You can make 2 million functions run as if they were only a single function, and experience time travel

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— I do not even use the term time travel lightly, this is a technical term in this context

— Who will split then? if not human programmer🤤 i mean, how it will detect that this function should wait for the result of that function?

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