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October 2018

β€” You say "simple" too much, but i dont see it🀀


It is essentially, a massively parallel JavaScript super computer system, a network based supercomputer composed of many individual subsystems, each of which is it’s own computer, you could also call it a clustered super computer

β€” Whoever thought we could ever develop the technology necessary to even make a JavaScript super computer?

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β€” It is crazy, however my comparatively small advancements have made all of this possible, easily technically feasible even

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β€” Most people struggle like this, I am not new to seeing that

β€” Usually it is caused by a lack of understanding of the underlying systems, and of course most people regard it as magic

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β€” It is obvious why of course, most JavaScript developers never bothered to learn anything below their high-level environment in which they develop their programs

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β€” Im not saying it's magic, im saying it's not usable

β€” Start from user feedback, what user needs

β€” Highly recommend that you study data flow architecture before you make any judgments as to how usable the system is

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β€” It will run identically to regular JavaScript to the end-user

β€” Automaticly?