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October 2018

— It is not complex


It is only the bare minimum and components needed to run the system at a minimal overhead, it is so elegantly simple, but no one has actually tried it before

— Consider if you will Golang concurrency thread model of M:N

— Now consider that each thread in the system is actually a dedicated server CPU core, rather than multiple threads in a pool

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— How to use it?

— In this way every CPU core receives exactly one combination of an instruction token and a data token, in the form of a single instruction stream

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— So if you have 64 cores in your server CPU, you can send 64 individual instruction streams to that server simultaneously

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— I need only one more

— And it will arbitrarily execute them, and transmit the result through the network, most likely to a central master mainframe, which will the multiplex the outgoing and incoming data, so that it is given context and manipulated in the way the user desires

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— This is kind of large architecture, however in fact it is an abstraction of much smaller, discrete, and simple systems, simply scaled way up

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— You say "simple" too much, but i dont see it🤤

— It is essentially, a massively parallel JavaScript super computer system, a network based supercomputer composed of many individual subsystems, each of which is it’s own computer, you could also call it a clustered super computer

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