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October 2018

— 😏


Yes, it is a dataflow architecture, the overhead generated by dispatching the instruction tokens and data tokens, may very well exceed the computational overhead needed to even complete the users calculations

— [[a, b, c], [d, e]]

— [a, b, c] - parralel, until all finished

— I am in the process of designing a hardware model to run this entire system, and extremely clustered system of specialized super computers, with the only responsibility being to execute the instruction streams being sent to them, 100% agnostically to what they are or where they come from

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— For every CPU core in the system, there is a single instruction stream sent to it over the network

— There is no multitasking, there is no event loop, there is simply data input, computation, and data output

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— Too much mashinery!

— Reduce

— Right now each clustered system consists of only two components, V8, and a Linux kernel with almost all multitasking features completely disabled, except those necessary to operate the networking stack and other needed system services

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— Complexity

— Of what you do