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October 2018

— I know so much about how JavaScript is so limited, because this entire project has only ever been about avoiding those limitations for the last four years of my research

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I have had to learn advanced theoretical computer science in order to know how to do this stuff, however the hardest part of this whole thing has always been how to adapt it to JavaScript

— All that said... we can do some crazy shit....

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— With usage of multiple real CPU cores... this is extremely powerful.. the above concept can allow us to run certain steps of the same function at the exact same time, out-of-order, and recombine the results as they would appear in programmed order

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— More than concurrency... running some or all the steps of a function in their own CPU core


function mathFunc() {
var num1 = 2 + 2; // in core 0
var num2 = 3 + 3; // in core 1
var num3 = 4 + 4; // in core 2
var num4 = num1 + num2 + num3; // waits...
return num4;

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— Dont get mad. simplify

— That code will be slow as it will cost processor time to start cores/threads..

— The api should take array or maybe two dimensional array of heavy functions

— It's a multiqueue model

— Yeah go practical pragmatic

— You can implement a queue with an array