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October 2018

— (the cluster module)


All you have to do is set up a few IPC channels, and spin up a HzScript dispatcher on each one of those threads, and there you go, it’s actually a tiny minuscule amount of code, you could even run it in a simple while loop like a cyclic executive

— You don’t actually need the hertzfeld-kernel at all to do any of this

— Yes

— How isn't it?

— ... Like JS

— JS's lock just isn't explicit

— Js has not global lock

— Now, if you want extremely granular concurrency control that is just like what Linux does with preemptive multitasking, then you would pretty much need a more complicated system to control all this, like the hertzfeld-kernel or something with a complex work scheduler

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— It has the event loop

— A different approach

— But for you, in high level, it's the same as js