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October 2018

— Async event loop is very basic and barbaric, it is a very specific implementation of the reactor pattern

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It is only one tiny barely significant (although useful) way to write JS software, that is just integrated right into it for some reason

— Ahhaha, well, I guess we can already agree that a lot of that design in JS was questionable from the beginning, so it's not hard to understand why that is... it only existed in Netscape web browser, for a very very specific purpose

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— You could say, JS is extremely opinionated, due to that event loop wrapping it

— You start only one thing this way. better pass some array of functions.. or even better some array that will have stop markers. like [A B C stop D E stop F G]

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— I mean, this is not uncommon though? Plenty of languages have the same stuff, C#, Python, etc?

— This is the current model in nodejs for blocking i/o and so

— You dont need it

— An observable is perfect as a channel

— The thing is, this are patterns to abstract a low level implementation

— Promise or observable in nodejs are hidding the model of event loop

— One main thread throwing tasks to a thread pool