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October 2018

— I want to be able to move hertzscript-compatible code out of hertzscript if I want to


There are so many different ways to do things, if you switch to one other language, it may provide a multitude of ways to write your programs all within the same language, whereas JS is one of the only languages which has inherent forced lock-in to very specific functions and programming patterns, even data structures

— Totally

— #1 project goal really

— Which means I can't use custom syntax

— So don't

— Do what your business objective demands

— Heh

— But tbh if you trade one lock-in for another, it is a moot point, which is what my point is :P

— Especially if the next best thing is in fact more easy to write, I don't see why not either, although it certainly seems scary enough. I do hope in the future this software become ubiquitous like any other super popular library/framework... except that of course it changes everything about how a program can be written at every level rather than sticking band-aids (like promises) onto the bad design

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— Well, the point is that the JS lock-in works in Hz, the Hz lock-in does not work in JS

— Fair enough