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October 2018

— Without the syntax?


People have chosen to ignore that they are locked into the current ways of writing JS... look around to other langs and you will realize how limited JS devs have been all this time

— I mean lock-in into hertzscript

— I want to be able to move hertzscript-compatible code out of hertzscript if I want to

— There are so many different ways to do things, if you switch to one other language, it may provide a multitude of ways to write your programs all within the same language, whereas JS is one of the only languages which has inherent forced lock-in to very specific functions and programming patterns, even data structures

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— Totally

— #1 project goal really

— Which means I can't use custom syntax

— So don't

— Do what your business objective demands

— Heh

— But tbh if you trade one lock-in for another, it is a moot point, which is what my point is :P