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October 2018

— So there can be channels of communication across several concurrent functions, without having to return/yield between them

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Why not just use Promise like semantics and fork a function call into a thread, and pass the return value back as the promise's resolv?

— Why do we need new syntax?

— Do you mean, why do we want to leave the old ways?

— It is not just new syntax

— You can easily write your own promise wrapper over it... it allows far more than this promise behavior

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— It is leaving the whole event loop execution model

— Promises aren't needed whatsoever

— It makes them obsolete for async

— Callback hell only existed because we are locked into this event loop model

— And we only ever needed promises to address that

— They are a good tool, continuations in general are a good programming tool, however we are forced to use them, it is not even a choice

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