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October 2018

— Ok. So which os the.diferrent between concurrency and promises?


A promise is a type of control flow construct for chaining continuations, concurrency is a fundamental computer science theory

— Lets say you have 3 functions... A, B, and C... and they each contain 3 units of work each...

— If you were to run them concurrently, and fairly, they would run their work units like so:

A.1, B.1, C.1, A.2, B.2, C.2, A.3, B.3, C.3

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— None is running at the same time as another in real time, rather you interlace their execution

— And they can trade control between each other

— This is concurrency

— SO each function is partially run, and control is passed to the next which also partially runs, and the functions are re-entered to continue execution by taking turns, until all of the units of work inside each function have completed executing

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— Parallelism == make more than one task at the same time?

— Correct

— It means you can take work units from one function, and instead of running them in-order, or sequentially, you run them simultaneously

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— You may essentially execute all of the work units of a function at the same time, and if you have 3 work units, and 3 CPU cores, the function completes execution as if it were only 1 work unit, providing none of the work units rely on each other to get some data

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