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October 2018

— Because there is only one execution thread


It will need napa or something similar to run concurrently or at least in different isolates, and sharing memory

— Which i think is good because of Dani is ahead of current abstraction level

— This model will be a beast after a lot of people do a big effort to provide a multithread model in js engines or upper layers, similar (like napa)

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— Hertz will be something like lockfree programing

— Without even caring about primitives, or complex things, related to low level

— For example, i have heavy parser, which builds objects that will control animation. they are like tree structure. now i build them async with rIC but they can be built in another thread without any conflicts. web worker cant do this job.

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— Yes, and it won't

— Until you can do multiprocessing

— V8 had only one isolate per runtime until version ~6

— And now you can share memory between isolates

— So it's a great advance