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October 2018

β€” Preemption from the kernel scheduler only solves thread blocking, but the V8 runtime and VM can both block in specific ways while still remaining interruptible by the kernel

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You can get I/O deadlock, races, thread sync issues, etc... that V8 cannot mitigate... until I'm done with my projects, that is

β€” Https://

β€” Say them that i will handle race conditions, let they give me that shared memory/dom web worker thing🀀

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β€” Because current workers are almost useless

β€” Agreed

β€” But the solution Dani gives does not solve the concurrent solution you mean determin1st

β€” In the case of Dani workers wont be better than current ones

β€” Because there is only one execution thread

β€” It will need napa or something similar to run concurrently or at least in different isolates, and sharing memory

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β€” Which i think is good because of Dani is ahead of current abstraction level

β€” This model will be a beast after a lot of people do a big effort to provide a multithread model in js engines or upper layers, similar (like napa)

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