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October 2018

— I cannot solve that


Well I actually managed to solve the error, it was a misconfiguration in one of my middlewares, still the payment goest timeout (no errors now)

— No not quite, the more appropriate scheduling policy is a timesharing policy

— Both processes must be guaranteed exactly equal time slice quantums

— In a real-time operating system, the guarantee is rather that your interruptions will not take much time at all, rather than guaranteeing both processes equal processing time

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— I mean, for reference you can have a real time timesharing operating system, as the concepts are a bit separate

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— I mean one at a time

— And I mean true / hard realtime

— Actually, that's probably incompatible with node already

— >Starts up thread pool
>1 thread open
>OS frozen

— Huuh

— U guys know about glitch ?