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October 2018

— No, they are constantly trying to beat eachother in perf tests and such


Yeah? where are their VERSUS tests produced by either one or another team? We do that for them and write "please fix" requests to trackers. They are not competing at all.

— I don't think they produce their own benchmarks that much

— They test using independent benchmarks

— I want that T shirt

— Hello guys

— How can i detect via JS if a basic autentication went wrong? For example, can i detect with javascript if I am unable to load a file in a protected folder?

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— Ajax?

— My server seems to respond with status 401 for wrong username / password

— You generally just check if status is 200-299 for OK

— Let me explain myself: I have an app and a file in a separate folder, protected via .htaccess. If I press a button to load the protected file, my server asks for username and password. If I cannot do the login I am unable to load the file... it is possible to detect with a script that I cannot load the protected file?

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— Yes