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October 2018

— What do you mean?


Last month alone RawGit served over 4.2 billion requests and consumed more than 176 terabytes of bandwidth. Those numbers are simply unfathomable to me. They're almost too huge to be real.

Unfortunately, RawGit has also become an attractive distribution mechanism for malware. RawGit was meant to improve people's lives, but jerks are increasingly using it to hurt people.

Since I have almost no time to devote to fighting malware and abuse on RawGit (and since it would be no fun even if I did have the time), I feel the responsible thing to do is to shut it down. I would rather kill RawGit than watch it be used to hurt people.

— let x = square(f()) + 1;

— Still looks better to me than that block

— Same with nested ternary tbh

— Ramda nazi reee

— Where did you get that photo of Thomas

— Ive been watching some spy-movie and suddenly *bum* - some start-up idea came - if i die service will keep your private, crypted message which will become public and uncrypted if you didnt update your state for some time🤤 (year, month, day..)

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— Good morning

— determin1st MKRhere

— On my phone