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October 2018

— Hello guys, Any one here implement PWA in PHP ?


I implement PWA in php but i can't handle error, the login page not update after submit when form php get error, how to handle the PWA??

— Pwa is in the client side. And your application must store the html, css and images in there. And use web workers to fetch new data. So maybe php has nothing to do with pwa. Except for response with data like json and the client storing it in the browser some how.

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— Do i have to get or post data with ajax to all update my page?
So i cant update my login page if get error from php ?

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— Cz i still use pure php to update my page..

— Why do you want to make your application pwa?

— I think on my mind pwa is for static like pages (for global access not protected pages) or for full SPA.

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— I think i can increase my page, can install to android home etc..

— This link will help you in general about pwa

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— PWA's should tell the user that something is wrong if the user clicks login and is not online

— So the request NEVER reaches your PHP script

— When service worker activate, sw return cache.addAll(MY_CACHE_URLS) . i was selected all assets without html. why cache storage still save html ?

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