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October 2018

β€” Looks not the same🀀 so what is "incorrect"


Of course it doesnt matter for the next couple of weeks, because we need to focus on customers REALLY needs.

β€” Startups.. right?

β€” We?

β€” Unite comrades, take your tools🀀 and lets build nice shining future! together!

β€” I dont get what are you talking about..

β€” My proposition is simple. one JS unit takes its personal data and tries to register on toptal. if he fails, he brings here insider information for the next attempt. having it, another JS unit goes with powers. upon successful attempt, the man who breached, informs/shares requests here and "we" try to split it and solve.

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β€” Did Our try it yet?

β€” You

β€” Https://

β€” I dont have personal data. if i did, i would not share this idea.

β€” If there will be 50/50 desision, i have some "booster" to pass.