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October 2018

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Yo guys I have a well defined JSON file with some attributes and values predefined and some attributes predefined but not their values:

  "metadata": {
"name": "ingress",
"namespace": "???????????",

I want to have a .json file or equivalent that defines the "base" template and then run something that populates the missing values, for example the last code will be:
  "metadata": {
"name": "ingress",
"namespace": ["woooo", "fooo", "bar"],

And I am looking for something good-looking to do this. It seems I cannot use a pure json file since you cannot put variables here, so do you have any idea? My lang will be JS. Maybe some template engine? I find most of them ugly...

— Lol why do you say this

— Just make functions

— Functions that take objects and return objects

— It will be more fun, right?

— Hola, como puedo obtejer una etiqueta de option segun el valor?

— Create a small js parser and use string values as function names

— {key: 'parserFunc param'}

— Wouldn't be so bad..

— This is mission impossible task🤤 imo. i saw girls frontend designers in other group but programming interest is way too specific..

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— What if key will have array as value