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October 2018

— I should be one by now


Maybe a bit more gerneal js question according to vis js problem:

a container that controlls its events pretty good(timeline) & here comes me, want to put a input field on top of this container. since its a child of this container, not matter how much z-index i give, nor that i can enable pointer events manually, this input field wont be clickable. meh

— Events = dom events

— Cant get what you mean. events go bubble from child to parents, not reverse

— I cant make th einput field really usable since its just 'focussable' by left click

— Tried it by a js elem.focus() but not great successes.. doenst matter i'll find a way

— Probably you have misconfigured it in CSS

— Yeah, i dont really want to interfer with the vis css, so im serachign for a non hacky solution. which is pretty obvious for what i can see right now... custom item templating.

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— Put it on codepen, so i could check or..🤤

— If i find the time, we going for beers very nowish

— Ok i got it, noicccce

— Custom template + getelementById + focus() was the turn