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October 2018

— Yes, the order is maintained because that array represents the invocation operator's argument list


// Type 1: Invocation Tokens,
// Wrap userland functors and any operands needed to invoke them.
call: new HzToken("call",

— So those 3 args under the "call" arg (which is just setting the type of the token) are directly taken from the argument list of set

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— token.set(functor, thisArg, args);

— It is an effective uniqueness type pool

— There is also a virtual call stack that acts like the real V8 one

— Inside it are Program objects

— Https://

— These are not re used, but I think it may help if they were

— User Function Call -> re-use Call Token -> create new Program Object

— Since the Programs are concurrent, they remain in-use until later

— Unlike the tokens, which are only used immediately after being set