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October 2018

— But, then I am reusing them, with only 1 instance existing at any time


Because I have ensured they are used in a single threaded way, and are used immediately, so no data has to be preserved

— Caller Dispatcher <-- yield Object(data)

— Something like the Synthetic Event Pool in React?

— I could send the data by itself, but it is a tagged uniqueness type

— So the data is accompanied by an identifier which gives additional context

— Such as call or methodCall etc

— What would happen if I just make a new object every time? determin1st

— I know this would impact GC greatly, so there is tradeoffs to it

— For 50 million calls, thats 50 million new objects

— Etc

— That is why I made these uniqueness types, with 1 instance only, to prevent that extreme object creation and impact on GC time

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