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October 2018

— It maps an array of arguments to the object


Make objects with constructor function and new keyword, always set all possible props and set them in the same order.. something like that

— Well, I am making the objects with new

— But, then I am reusing them, with only 1 instance existing at any time

— Because I have ensured they are used in a single threaded way, and are used immediately, so no data has to be preserved

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— Caller Dispatcher <-- yield Object(data)

— Something like the Synthetic Event Pool in React?

— I could send the data by itself, but it is a tagged uniqueness type

— So the data is accompanied by an identifier which gives additional context

— Such as call or methodCall etc

— What would happen if I just make a new object every time? determin1st

— I know this would impact GC greatly, so there is tradeoffs to it