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October 2018

— Now it's correct


Hi guys! I would like to create a script in js that should work like this (in html file)

//Then, after the page is fully loaded, it writes something in the search bar

But it won't work, because if the url changes, the script will stop.
How can I solve it?

(A workaround is using a Chrome extension that executes specific scripts in specific urls, but I would like to not use any extension)

— Set location after page has loaded instead?


const url =
.addEventListener('load', () =>
location.href =
url + '?query=hello');

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— Yeah, I know I could achieve it using query (?hello), but I would like to know if i can do that where querying is not possible.

In general, how can make JavaScript(s) automatically execute(s) in specific url(s)?

For example, I can do that using an extension such as Requestly, but I would like to not use any extension

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— Wat

— Impossible

— Would be a massive security hole

— I guess I have to use a server sided language, such as python or php right?

— I've re-pinned it just in case

— Holy shit

— That is a ton more than just 10% or whatever the percentage was predicted to be