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October 2018

— This is so german 😂


Hey man it doesnt depend on nationality🤤 lot of folks preparing their own "boilerplates".. what i think about this is that it's a competition vs. webstudios.

— A boilerplate can contain an already set-up project with sockets, express, feathers or whatever. It's like the saying: "why reinvent the wheel"?

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— Thinking about publishing some boilerplates soon but I couldnt figure this out yet

— It's from this group🤤

— A okay, i agree,

— Okay, i've got at least x2 speedup🤤 from the previous result... it works!

— The previous was about 90% CPU usage peak

— Will make more tests and drop them later..

— Also, there +4000 proxy-objects created for API

— Now i can compete against greensock🤤

— Https://