Message from JavaScript discussions

October 2018

— I think i maybe have a new backend as a service favourite


Netlify is my new parse i guess. but im feel like a ape in a very easy experiment with this. its freemium, one user(me) with repos as much as i want. i got my profile page with CI on a https server in ~1min.

— Without cms tho.

— What are you planning to deploy?

— A portfolio page for me, websites for friends & family and of course customers

— All with web standards https, cms etc. with less effort as possible

— And as much js freedom as possible

— And api freedom

— Isnt it better to first get the task and later add the link to your success list?

— Async🤤

— I wanna have the most flexible boilerplate as possible

— I want to have my tools together side by side