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October 2018

— Checkout MDN


In javascript, as i got it for now, there are 3 ways to work with objects: classical, prototypal and clojural

— Correct.. on the this part .. the call and apply I am not sure

— Do you guys build your backends by yourself or do you use some backend as a service solution?

— Frontend only, for now

— I wanted to go with parse, which is a backend as a service, turns out it was bought by facebook in 2006, then dropped by facebook, therefore not really maintained. it works anyways... not sure if i wasted my time here 😅

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— You decide and tell🤤 as only you have experience in that "parse"

— I meant 2016

— Why did facebook dropped it?

— What's clojural?

— Bought and dropped usually means it's shit

— Noone really gave a proper statement why, so its still open source. I really like their interface as you can do ACL management and advise objects to be read/written by assigned roles. Ideal tool for adminstrate users or warehouse systems, payments etc.

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