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September 2018

— Virtual dom is a hype-word


Any framework is a "switcher", it switches nodes in the DOM tree, new appear, old disappear. when it happens, user should re-bind to new DOM targets, or the lib do nothing or throw errors in console.

— So, i see only one side effect - you work with detached DOM node.

— Https://

— Okay thanks👍

— That's not a side effect :P

— If you do everything absolutly right, side effect doesnt exists🤤

— Ive had some discussion recently..

— Some time ago I read an article about jsperf not being a reliable way to compare/check js performance.

When I find ill post it here.

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— Ye, okay, will be good

— Why is getElementsByClassName more performant than querySelectorAll according to jsperf. Isnt it supposed to be the other way around?

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— determin1st