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September 2018

— That's just how I architect things


I just write in a way that makes it irrelevant if short circuited. Fortunately some of my tools behave similarly.


false, // ignored

— Mithril

— Imo using an expression itself as control flow is wrong, while using the result of the expression in control flow is correct

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— You have to consider that the operator is taking the values as inputs, doing extra operations even after the desired side effect (assignment) happens

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— It's just a nit pick I have, I am too aware of all the details from the spec so I am always trying to avoid inefficiency, but aside from that I feel it makes code less readable too

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— He reuses them in big functions m8.... as in for different types depending on where in the function you are

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— Agreed

— But I chose the second solution

— Instead of using if....

— Always use the result