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September 2018

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Hey guys, im working mainly with react at the moment, i wanted to test my components for a while now...
i use redux in a lot of components (i know keep components stupid & pure as possible, i keep my eye on that).
even thinking of testing the components is a overkill, mocking all the server data first and then writing test cases 🤷‍♂️

— How would ya'll approach that?

— I debug with marvelous chrome debugger tool. using debugger keyword primarily.

— Ok but is component testing possible with that?

— How would you verify tests?

— You would only be able to check that components contain the correct data, not how they look or behave

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— Hi

— He's talking about testing, not debugging

— There are tools for that actually

— Can help me someone to transform all {deplymentd} to :deploymentid

— Thank you