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September 2018

— If you have any problems feel free to ask


Is it necesary only to install nodemailer and express? Or also body-parser, oauth and nodemailer-smtp-transport?

— Just install the packages via npm or yarn. They will install all dependencies you need!

— Hi!!

— Body-parser: depends on if you're gonna have form-data request bodies
oath: depends on if you're gonna have oauth
nodemailer-smtp-transport: Probably not, nodemailer supports a bunch of stuff OOTB

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— Well, as I said I have a form with name, email, subject and message. I've never used js to do a form so I'm kinda lost

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— You don't need form-data for that, just use urlencoded POST

— Form-data is needed for file uploads tho

— Oh wait, lol

— You still need body-parser apparently

— Oh wait

— You don't