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September 2018

— Get it


Hi everyone, I'd like to know if it's possible to implement a contact form for my web using js for the server instead of php (I hate php)

— Of course

— Can you send me how can I search it, bc I haven't found anything on Google, everyone uses php

— Https://

— This is a general overview, and if you want to send emails, you'd use something like nodemailer

— Https://

— Ok, thanks!

— I just want to fill the form with name, email, subject and message. And once filled send it to my email

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— Should be rather simple. Set up an express server, have a route to accept the form input, and send an email using nodemailer

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— If you have any problems feel free to ask

— Is it necesary only to install nodemailer and express? Or also body-parser, oauth and nodemailer-smtp-transport?

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