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September 2018

— Yes


The article why frontend is broken states that trusting the popularity of a package doesnt nessecarily means anything. sooo i guess: whatever works.

— Whatever works most effectivly

— What if you have a module you bundle for node and browser?

— Uh-oh

— I think at least for frontend dev-ing, keeping it simple is cool and using native functionalities of js is ones best weapon of choice. But as i go trough my 4th year of developing, one must let go of the need to upgrade everything thats old or depreciated.. and just make code work as optimized as possible

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— Do your research before adding a dependency

— Is there a source of trust for this kinda research, how to effiiciently check / test a package? what are real factors of trust?

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— Ye, right, or read feature comparison if it exist at all. hard to find such things

— I generally read the docs, skim the source, and check GitHub issues

— So... Use deprecated modules as long as they work?

— How much weight you guys take in depreceated npm modules?