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September 2018

β€” Thats not "directly" imo


Im working on a ~5mb after build react 15 app. I always looking ou for optimizing it but since I'm the only front-end dev & freelancer, must of my time is creating new components.. weppack config is huge tho.. one for dev, one for build.. all the loaders and blah kinda sucks

β€” As far as i read, it states that parcel will grab .html and link all the things into a bundle, i thought that it's better than doing separate configs for js/css etc. npm says, that it's ded

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β€” Good sign, something is dead walking🀀

β€” What's dead?

β€” Parcel,?

β€” Huh?

β€” Yes, but it doesn't work if you don't have an index.html

β€” If you are on the NODE (back-end only), why you need bundlers, it will work with imports, right?

β€” Ye, i watched the npm stats:

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β€” Yes

β€” The article why frontend is broken states that trusting the popularity of a package doesnt nessecarily means anything. sooo i guess: whatever works.

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