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September 2018

β€” Meh, not large enough of a difference to even care


Ye, cool. im designing callback object (with callback functions), so made those. first doesnt matter how to check, second shows that it (the callback) should be defined explicitly on the object (for better performance).

β€” Https://

β€” Ha ha. now closure factory is faster in chrome🀀

β€” Anyone deployed a Django + VueJS app to digital ocean or heroku?

β€” What about it?

β€” Which host and settings did you use?

β€” I haven't deployed a Django+Vue specific setup, but why would it be different?

β€” Maybe because of webpack, npm and the rest of the JS dependencies?

β€” Lemme check out youtube, maybe someone has done a video

β€” Have you done django+ react?
Or any other frontend lib?

β€” I have done express + react