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September 2018

— As in real-time client to server, server to client response. If something changes in the server, it's updated live

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Is it hard to do it manually? have some example of api which saves lives? those sites you dropped doesnt say about it, they are informational not functional

— Yeah, my boilerplate saves data live (only set up the login right now). Basically the connection between the client and the server stays open at all times. Kind of like how an MMORPG works, where everything happens live.

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— Data binding.. okay.

— Make it online with no login

— What?

— Demo

— Oh, I don't have a website to put a demo on. Just clone my bolierplate repo, install the dependencies and run it on your local machine.

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— See thats the problem

— Why .push is slow?

— Because it was tested vs []. but i dont think you need it at all

— I dont understand,please give me a example