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September 2018

— Yes.


For example, you go to the start page of the tool and you see "npm -install bla bla bla". this is the end page for me in most cases.

— What i like to see is live demo with features

— Https:// and uses feathers

— Best Buy's API Playground also uses feathers:

— What feature does it demonstrate,? like, ye, it works, okay.

— What do you mean? You can use feathers both for backend and frontend. I'm using it for backend with Nuxt js. The point of feathers is to make real-time api's, or real-time applications.

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— ...with Nuxt js for frontend *

— Hi guys

— I have this code and i want to optimize them

— I have to give users access to some endpoints.Endpoints2Users = {endpoint:[users]}

— Someone cam help me please