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September 2018

— Https://


Yeah, Feathers js is pretty powerful, but also so good, since a lot of the functionality you want for a web-app or website, is already bundled in to the feathers-cli. All you do is run "feathers generate app" and it generates an app. Or "feathers generate authentication" to generate authentication/users where you can choose whatever auth you want (JWT, OAUTH 1, OAUTH 2, etc).

— Well🤤 ive read some docs and didnt like it, sorry

— Looks like they made casual posts on medium for advertisment and they initially bound to react and java, not js. i hate react🤤

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— How about angular

— Wow such cute stickers

— They have demo app, but i cant find it now (lost somewhere🤤 in the docs/pages).. it was a single page with external links, so no page transitions or other things. they should do more demos to progress..

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— Angular? or angular 1?

— Have some demos?

— I liked angular 1 demo, where you have to build phone-app

— Https://

— Sorry that you didn't like it. We all like different tools.