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September 2018

β€” But you could get rid of eval and friends and do GC, binary representation, etc much simpler


Because it's "strict". lower level language, you know. that's the difference. javascript is flexy, so it allows some individuals to make it, like it's typed. what's the point? write C from the start then. It proves, that JabaScript AOT compiler cant be written in TypeScript. that's it. But with loose types, probably, it can be done.

β€” Functional => loose => typed => binary

β€” Livescript is only one on the loose there, updated for now, absolute discount 100%, ready to make you fully functionalπŸ‘πŸ€€πŸ‘»

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β€” I won't switch to another language with impurities

β€” Let me know what you would switch to, so I can stay away from those

β€” Lmao

β€” Write your own code, dont look what i posted. that's not the argument about "purity"

β€” Purity can't exist in a language

β€” Wat

β€” Yes it can

β€” This doesn't make sense at all