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September 2018

— Do you have example?


compose(map(add(1)), map(add(1)))
Rewrite to:

Whoops, add has some internal state, and now it's broken, since it's called half the number of times

— These are the kinds of things you can't do with stateful functions

— Put it on github, i will re-write

— All my code is functional already :)

— Tip 1: functional code is hard to write, takes much time

— Yes, but easier to read

— And much easier to change

— Tip 2: they belive that it is easier to read, but only when it's yours, as "others" looks like "Mheeee.."

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— Nope

— It's all easy to read

— That's some kind of university people output, who were "infected", but who infected university? TheFacebook? hmm.. what you know about Facebook, confess🤤

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