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September 2018

β€” Cure yourself with πŸ’‰πŸ˜‘livescript -> 😊


Hey does it make sense to make this call asyc?

const changed = await myArray.every(item => await api.patchItem())

β€” Its a simplification of my fucntion

β€” Every waits for a bool, so when i have my res i’ll give it a true

β€” Nope

β€” It doesn't make sense because it doesn't matter

β€” But in order to chage a couple of objects and then say if(changed) {
next api call

β€” async x => await fn(x)
Is equivalent to:
x => fn(x)
Is equivalent to:

β€” Ok

β€” But...

β€” Array.prototype.every doesn't understand async functions

β€” So it will always return true