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September 2018

— Sometimes i think that it's a kind of code protection, write cryptic code, write cryptic spec, then go make some videos, tutorials, advertisment and sell.. they only made a data structure and api to that.

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Im working as a slave on a galley, linking css structures, and those bastards made so little effort to succeed😅

— GraphQL is a good idea and all, but there are others that do the same thing

— Without inventing a new description format

— For example

— Https://

— That's exactly the point where i dont understand those "inventions". like, this, where backend meets frontend, so, browser meets node.js using standard interface HTTP/WebSocket, so.. those "inventors" build some abstraction wall/bridge, which can be crossed in one step - you can send/recive all in one function, even if there is database access, SQL is not needed and may be defined as a function inside database shema..

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— Hello all

— Https://

— First answer. then, sub-commenters with react-obsession counter.

— That's how tech propaganda works

— Any body know where is website or similary like that for studying javascript from beginner with good content (easy to understand)?

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