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September 2018

— Yeah its insane.
ReportObserver, ResizeObserver, IntersectionObserver, MutationObserver, any more?


Hey, how do you decide which docker image to use if you need node to build your stuff & python/pip to execute a aconnection to aws. do you go with python as image and then install node or the other way around, or is it equal??

— Mostly the same, but I would probably go with Python and install node after

— Since node install is pretty simple:

— Thanks TRGWII

— Guys, how do you prepare yourelf for webassembly? are you familiar with c/c+/java/go, or do you plan to compile your javascript to wasm files by nectarjs or simliar?

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— Which is a stragne thought, compiling js to wasm.. first look on this looks promising tho..

— If there will be something it will be compiled. i dont have something. do you have some?

— I even dont have something to pass to web worker and you ask how to prepare, huh

— You there?

— Https://

— Yeah