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September 2018

— I wanted to do the test beginning this year, but after a little reality check I told myself to learn the nutshell stuff and odd things like floating point number comparison and other tricky things

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I'm into his for 4-5 years now but almost never vanilla but either react. So it was always pre chewed stuff I'm working with

— I think, they will give you some test task, if you made it, you will pass

— As they write, the deadline is about a week

— So, how did you know about it?

— 97 people fail to make the test, I'm not really sure to make it just like that. worth a try tho. After a month or two you can try again

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— Hmm i think Facebook have me the hint

— It just synthethic test, not a real problem, nothing to care about

— Pass=pass, fail=fail

— 🤪

— Go try, then you will tell us🤤

— I gonna learn that tricky stuff before ill try tho. I will!